The tattoo art form is the only art form where the artist transfers the beauty of their art into a living, breathing canvas, the recipient of the tattoo. There is a deep, almost magical connection between the artist, the tattoo, and the recipient of the tattoo. We developed the product thinking about tattoo artist and their craft. Every artist is aware that the quality of their work is greatly affected by the tools used to bring their artistic visions to life. With that in mind, The Skin Shaman’s Original Tattoo Balm is also made for the artist to apply to the client's skin before, during, and after the tattoo is complete. This creates a loyalty that starts at the tattoo shop and follows the customer into every aspect of their life with our ever-expanding product line.

We are blessed to collaborate closely with skilled tattoo artists who are masters of their craft. Our relationship has helped us understand what tattoo artists need and how our product will help future shop owners perform a successful tattoo.

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